Osteopathy treatments combine massage with joint articulation and manipulation to resolve injuries relating to the spine, shoulders, hips & knees.

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30 min £60


Osteopathy is customised to each patient and their needs. It often utilises a combination of modalities which may include soft tissue massage, joint articulation and/or manipulation and a functional approach. Craniosacral treatment is also available. Advice may be given on exercise and lifestyle.

what is osteopathy good for?

Osteopathy can help a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries including workplace related injuries and postural issues affecting spine and peripheral joints such as shoulder, hip and knee problems.

The demands placed on our musculoskeletal system from an early age often combine with injury or repetitive action and this in turn can lead to dysfunction and symptoms. Osteopathy aims to restore function to the body and with ongoing advice may help in preventing any recurrence.

Who is this suitable for?

All ages from babies to the elderly can be suitable for treatment following a comprehensive assessment. The treatment is modified to suit the age and situation of each patient.

Is treatment painful?

Whilst any treatment carries risks such as pain all attempts are made to minimise this.