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A bespoke approach to Podiatry & wellness

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Heena Patel Podiatry London helps people from all walks of life feel better from the feet up.

Our clinics have been established for over 20 years, and we pride ourselves on our loyal clientele, raving word-of-mouth referrals, and expert team of podiatrists and therapists, all of whom have been trained and practice to the highest standard.

The moment you step into a Heena Patel clinic, you’ll know that you’re in good hands. From our attentive customer care team, to our tranquil treatment rooms and caring practitioners, you and your wellbeing are at the heart of everything we do.


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“I always look forward to my appointments at Heena Patel Podiatry. I know I’ll get first-class treatment & that when I leave I'll feel as if I’m walking on air.”


“When you visit a clinic you need to feel confident you're in safe hands. You get that feeling of reassurance the moment you walk through the door at Heena Patel Podiatry.

Jackie, the receptionist greets you warmly and makes you feel completely at ease while you wait for your treatment. She’s phoned you the day before to remind you of your appointment which reinforces the impression that this is a  professionally-run health centre.

Then there’s the podiatrists’ depth of knowledge - they understand every type of foot condition, can explain why they occur, tell you how to treat them & most important of all, help you prevent them happening in the first place. When I sit in the chair I know I can trust them; if I didn’t feel that, I’d go elsewhere.

I always look forward to my appointments at Heena Patel Podiatry. I know I’ll get first-class treatment & that when I leave I'll feel as if I’m walking on air.”


Meet Heena Patel, state registered Podiatrist, and owner of The Pimlico Clinic & The London Bridge Foot Clinic.  

Heena Patel London Podiatrist

“People sometimes forget just how often and how critical their feet are to their overall wellbeing – except when lying down, your feet are engaged in some way.

Each person I treat has different needs and I don’t just look at their feet, I treat them holistically, helping them to feel healthier all over. It’s really about the whole experience. Healthy feet and healthy body for your overall wellbeing.”


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heena’s ethos

Heena has been practising podiatry for 15 years, and is passionate about creating awareness of the importance of Podiatry to one’s overall wellbeing, and making it accessible to people from all walks of life and of all ages.

Most importantly, she enjoys building a relationship with her patients and encourages her team to do the same – her patients range from 6 years old to 97 years old, and the majority of them have been with the clinics between 12 months and 30 years!

heena’s background

After graduated from the prestigious University College London, Heena worked as the resident Podiatrist at Harrods, for Queens Park Rangers & Crystal Palace Football club. She has also volunteered for the London Marathon & Crisis Homeless Charity.

Outside of work, Heena is a busy mother of two young children. She spends her days juggling treating patients, managing the clinics and caring for her young family.


“Knowing that someone can walk into your clinic in agony and twenty minutes later walk out pain free, feeling as if they are floating on air, makes my job so rewarding.”

heena patel, podiatrist & clinic owner